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In the Breeze has been creating Color in Motion since 1985. From ground and hanging decor to kites—we work hard to bring you the best quality and value in the outdoor decorative and kite industry.

We love to see pictures of our products in action! If you would like to share a picture or video of one of our products please email us.

Rainbow Spinsocks Stars & Stripes Windsocks Dolphin Fly-Hi Kite

Butterfly Fly-Hi Kite Baby Bee Yard Spinner Licensed Military Windsocks

Mylar Sparkle Double Wheel Spinner Flowing Patriot Kite Koi Fish Windsock Display

Luna Moth Kite 8.5 foot Color Banners Panda Kite

Mylar Sparkle Spinners Sunset Sport Kite Rainbow Spinsets

Patriot Kite with Line Laundry Orca Family Fish Windsocks Seabird Kite