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Star Wars MicroKites Display

This 24 piece Star Wars MicroKites assortment by X-Kites are fun and easy flyers featuring popular characters from the latest Star Wars film: Millennium Falcon, BB-8, X-Wing Fighter, and R2-D2. MicroKites are fun to fly and will be a delight for the whole family!

  • Mylar material with a PVC frame
  • No assembly required
  • SkyTail, kite line and line winder included
  • Wind Rating: 4 to 10 MPH
  • Styles include Millennium Falcon, BB-8, X-Wing Fighter, R2-D2
  • 24 pieces in pre-packed display.  Assortments may vary

LICENSE RESTRICTION: This licensed product is available to U.S. and Canada customers only.
Item Number: X-81270
Size: Wingspan: 4" to 6.25"